Journal Article

Why Being Wrong can be Right: Magical Warfare Technologies and the Persistence of False BeliefsAmerican Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings. 2017 (with Nathan Nunn) Coverage: VOXeu, CIFAR

Fishing, Commitment, and Communication: A Proposal for Nonbinding Research Registration Political Analysis, 21(1): 1-20, Winter 2013 (With M Humphreys and P van der Windt) Coverage: World Bank’s Development Impact blog


Working Paper

On the Origns of the State: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo Revision Requested, Journal of Political Economy.  Coverage: Marginal RevolutionChris BlattmanFrankfurter Allgemeine, Die Zeit, PEDL Research NoteA Crowing hen’s blog

Ethnic contract enforceability 

Can Externally Mandated Gender Requirements Empower Women? Revision Requested, Journal of Development Economics (With M Humphreys and P van der Windt)

Institutional Change (or not) by Imitation of Cultural Practice: Delivering Democracy in the Congo   under review (with M Humphreys and P van der Windt). Coverage: Financial Times, World Bank’s Development Impact blogThe undercover economist

Who’s Watching? Effects of Monitoring on Strategies for Corruption 

On the mechanics of Kleptocratic States: Administrators’ Power, Protection, and Taxpayers’ False Confessions (With Soeren Henn, Laura Paler, Wilson Prichard, Cyrus Samii)

On the Ends of the State: Stationary Bandits and the Time Horizon


Work in Progress

The state as organized crime: industrial organization of the police (with Kristof Titeca)

State administration reform, Democratic Republic of Congo (with E. Mvukiyehe)

Impacts of aid on conflict (with David Ifkovitz and Peter van der Windt)

Economics of state kidnaping: Sicilian Fishermen (with Naor Ben-Yehoyada and Vito Pipitone)

Emotional factors of participation into armed groups

Magical beliefs (with Nathan Nunn)

Cleaning up the supply chain: multinational sourcing in the Congo “What are the economic implications of ‘responsible sourcing’ policies?” (with Benjamin Faber and Benjamin Krause)

Policy Report

Artisanal Mining, Livelihoods, and Child Labor in the Cobalt Supply Chain of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Social and Economic Impacts of Community Driven Development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bandits or states? Armed groups’ expropriation strategies and the economy: evidence from Eastern Congo