Marakuja Kivu Research

This new Congolese non-profit organization gathers the most talented Congolese youth of the Kivus I have worked with since 2010 to provide reliable logistics in the DRC. Marakuja was created in 2015 and draws on 5 years of experience of international researchers and more than 100 Congolese youth. The organization specializes on data collection in the conflict zone, but works across the country with a large number of international donors, which includes research in the field as well as inside the administration. Furthermore, Marakuja is co-organizing a concert at the Carnegie Hall (New York) on November 23rd 2016, together with Latin American Chamber music society to promote Congolese culture.

Congo calling documentary

With a team of European film makers and social scientists specialized in the Congo, I am co-directing a documentary of the day to day life of humanitarian/development aid in the Kivus, the relationships that emerge with Congolese, the conflicts, the contradictions, how expatriates and Congolese deal with them to live with this new economy.


Images from fieldwork