Marakuja Kivu Research

The mission of Marakuja is to conduct data collection operations in the DRC, with a focus on war-torn areas, and to give opportunities for personal and professional growth to Congolese excluded minorities in the sector of data collection and management.

Marakuja was founded in 2015 by seven University graduates based in Bukavu and Goma and a University Professor based in the US working together since 2010 in response to gender and racial biases that can arise with NGOS working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Marakuja is advised also by a reserach fellow based in London.

Marakuja is committed to providing opportunities for personal and professional growth to excluded minorities (women, Congolese youth, ex-combatants), when such opportunities typically go to individuals who had privileged access to education and typically outside of the DRC. Our internal procedures, an ongoing work in continuous improvement, reflect our attempts to avoid replicating racialized hierarchies that are common in our sector.

Our name stands from Multidisciplinary Association for Research and Advocacy in the Kivus by United Junior Academics.